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Your Trusted Partner in Risk Management and Security Consulting

At Nickel Group, we take pride in offering top-notch risk management and security consulting services that empower our clients with access to a team of seasoned global experts. Our collective experience spans a wide array of specializations, including Corporate Security, Risk Management, Law Enforcement, Public Safety Coordination, Incident Command, Special Event Security, Protective Intelligence, and Threat Management.

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to assist our clients in accurately assessing their risks and creating tailored solutions that truly align with their unique needs. We understand that each organization has its distinct challenges and requirements, and that’s why we are dedicated to delivering personalized strategies that make a significant difference.

If you seek to enhance your physical security measures, embrace cutting-edge technologies, or devise comprehensive security plans, look no further. Our adept team possesses the necessary skills and expertise to collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your security goals are not only met but surpassed.


Consulting Solutions

Online Risk Assessment & Review

Our Online Risk Assessment consists of a deep dive into various online sources to identify any past or present vulnerabilities. This assessment reviews open-source material including social media, criminal databases, news articles, and other online sources. Our analysts assess all relevant findings to identify potential reputational or physical safety risks to the client. Nickel Group provides a risk rating based on the findings of the assessment and will make recommendations on how to best minimize and mitigate any identified risks

Online Vulnerability & Risk (OVR) Monitoring Report

Our OVR Monitoring Program consists of the constant review and analysis of various open-source resources, such as social media platforms and aggregator tools, news articles, online forums, and other methods, for any potential threats to the company and its key executives. Potential threats are surfaced and triaged in real-time and are escalated to the client for awareness, along with an action plan on how they can be best mitigated

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

We partner with 360 Privacy to provide our clients with the industry's leading PII Privacy Service. With this service, you are enrolled in a daily scrub of over 400 data aggregation websites that house and sell your personal information. This is a key program in limiting online exposure and maximizing your privacy.

Travel Assessment & Brief

With a deep understanding of global security trends and destination-specific considerations, we tailor our assessments to your unique itinerary. From highlighting potential hazards to offering valuable tips and resources, we equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions throughout your trip.

Custom Consulting Services

Nickel Group has a range of experts who specialize in Law Enforcement Coordination, Safety Management, Incident Command, Event Security, and Corporate Security/Risk Management.

Online Erasure (Real Estate)

Nickel Group will identify, isolate, and delete the Client’s private data from real estate websites, such as photos and videos of the interior and exterior of identified properties

Custom Consulting Services, Research, & Projects

Nickel Group has a range of experts who specialize in Law Enforcement Coordination, Safety Management, Incident Command, Event Security, Corporate Security/Risk Management, and Family Office/UHNW Security Program Development.

Family Office/UHNW Security Program Development

We develop and manage security programs specifically designed to meet our clients' unique needs.


Trusted By Clients All Over The World.

With a global network of thoroughly vetted team members and partners, we are able to offer the highest quality security services to individuals and organizations no matter where they are located.

What separates Nickel Group from other companies in the industry is their ability to understand exactly what the client needs and provide a comprehensive solution. The team’s extensive experience, expertise, and advanced administrative skills contribute to world-class assessments and deliverables.

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