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Protective Services

Protective Services


Nickel Group is dedicated to delivering tailor-made, protective services that span the globe.

Our extensive range of physical and technical security solutions is complemented by cutting-edge proactive intelligence and threat management strategies. We take pride in recognizing that each of our esteemed clients possesses a distinctive risk profile, and thus, we go the extra mile to meet those needs. To ensure the highest standard of service, our elite team of operators and analysts is meticulously selected from the most prestigious security agencies worldwide. Their unrivaled skills and expertise form the backbone of our operations, providing you with unmatched protection and peace of mind. Be it executive personal protection, special event security, or corporate protective services, our team undergoes rigorous training and thorough background checks. This unwavering commitment to excellence assures you that your safety and security are entrusted to capable and experienced hands.


Protective Service Solutions

Protective Services Agent (PSA)

PSAs conduct close protection for clients. They are responsible for providing efficient and high-quality support directly to the client and staff, as well as safeguarding client assets.

Security Systems Design

The strategic creation & implementation of measures to safeguard physical locations, digital networks & data. We assess potential vulnerabilities and design robust systems to mitigate threats effectively.

Physical Site Assessments

Site Assessments are conducted upon request of the client to evaluate existing security policies and their implementation and identify improvements when deemed necessary.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Operator

ERT Operators are responsible for rapid deployment to contain, control, and neutralize any threat to the safety and welfare of the client or their designated assets.

Residential PSA

Residential PSAs provide security for designated client residences using specialized skill sets and advanced technology.

Covert Surveillance PSA

Covert Surveillance PSAs provide covert security for designated clients using a protective surveillance model.

Secure Transportation & Drivers

Vehicles can be provided for concierge and/or security purposes.

Event PSA

Security for designated events, ensuring safety of guests, staff & property.


Trusted By Clients All Over The World.

With a global network of thoroughly vetted team members and partners, we are able to offer the highest quality security services to individuals and organizations no matter where they are located.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Nickel Group Protective Services team over the past few years. Their high operational standards, combined with a concierge mindset, assured me that I was in good hands while on the road.”

- Client

Protective Services